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Iteco Engineering was founded in 1987 in Castel Bolognese, in the province of Ravenna, thanks to previous experience of over twenty years matured  in the field by the founders ,  is one of the first companies in Italy specializing exclusively in the design and construction of the glove box in controlled atmosphere, pharmaceutical isolators, shielded isolators, hot cells  and special equipment  for the protection against highly active materials, chemical, toxic and radioactive substances and also for the protection and sterility of special products  handled inside.

Our equipment and solutions are designed for laboratories and industries of chemical field, pharmaceutical, radiopharmaceutical, nuclear, aerospace, nanotechnology, new-energies, biotech.

For thirty years usually provides the major groups national and international organizations working in these fields, providing them with equipment standard and customized.

The company, which has grown over the years,  in step with the the current times and with the needs of customers, is today able, starting from the analysis of the processes, applying their knowledge and realize projects dedicated to different applications,  performing directly the various phases of the development of products, from design to final assembly of components, from  S.A.T.  tests to the F.A.T. tests with  full protocols and training I.Q., O.Q., P.Q. to customers sites.

The innovative concept and the nature of our company structure allow us to have an unequaled agility and flexibility thanks to which, addition to having created a range of standard isolators and glove boxes, we are able to dedicate to the study and design of customized systems..

Our Mission

Iteco Engineering sensitive to the needs of operators and researchers using this equipment, Iteco Engineering constantly monitors the evolution, innovation and ergonomics of them, with particular regard to safety and quality,  complying with GMP and FDA guidelines and certifying their products.


Conformity  ISO 14644:7 – T.U.V.

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